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Jan. 24th, 2018 09:37 pm
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Hey! I'm Wynne. Tumblr had its adult content fit and I found myself on Dreamwidth again, trying to get back into the habit of keeping a journal.

Anyone's welcome to subscribe/grant access. If I haven't granted you access, I probably don't recognize your username. Just introduce yourself in one of my posts and I'll add you.

Other places you can find me: AO3, Tumblr


Mar. 20th, 2019 12:25 pm
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I've been finding that editing Dawn (HP, Hermione/Pansy, darkly fluffy time travel) is actually not as bad as I'd feared. It's actually kind of fun. I'm enjoying rewriting the Voldemort scene and adding a Mirror of Erised scene right after it. I need to know who replaced my brain two days ago so that I can thank them. Because honestly, usually editing is like pulling teeth. Instead I'm feeling pretty much okay with it. Even positive. It's horrifying. I mean, it's great, but also what.

I'm nearly finished with the "Remedy For A Friend" Riza main quest. It's going very fast because I already had all the supplies except for three River Stones. I'm not sure if that's because the supplies requirement is too easy or if I've just battled a lot of extra monsters. I also haven't done a lot of the side quests, so I have a big stock of junk. Thank god there isn't an inventory cap. Since my last 4TW post, I've crafted the Steel Mace (+15 attack) and upped my attack points to +30. My defense is at +10 and my luck is at +26. I specifically don't raise my defense because I find the timers are already too long. I wish there were a way to lower them. I suggested it as a feature a few months ago. It hasn't been raised to level 2 so I don't think there's enough interest. Oh well.

There are 9 days until I reach 44 days for the Gratitude Journal quest and I am counting down each day. I didn't realize how much I wouldn't enjoy having such a long quest that I can't do anything with. I can't make my progress go any faster because it takes 44 days no matter what. It was okay for the first week, but after it just began to feel like it was taking up space. I'm also still chipping at my Water Tribe Member quest. I have 61/100 forum posts and I feel like I've posted just about everywhere. I've even resurrected old posts to give my opinion. I don't want to resort to the post where you can just post to get random numbers for quests. It's not cheating, but it also doesn't feel like it's in the spirit of the quest.
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Sometimes, my brain really just sucks. I think it's an anxiety thing, probably, but I lump a lot of things under "yeah sounds like anxiety fml" so who even knows. Some days are just harder than others. I know it's not forever, that it'll go away, that I'll be back to my usual self soon enough. But for now my emotions feel so stupidly raw. Talking to people feels like going through a cheese grater. It's not even physically talking to people, it's the idea of being seen and perceived, thought about, inhabiting the same sphere of existence as other people. It's very dramatic of my brain to be like this. I'm not into it.


Mar. 12th, 2019 08:57 pm
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Current level of 4thewords obsession: creating an excel spreadsheet with all the item shop, crafting, quest, and wilderness stats for the game. Names, locations, costs, rewards, all that fun stuff. I may have gone a little overboard. I'm aware of a couple spreadsheets/game guides already out there, but I wanted to make one for myself in order for it to be more intuitive/to better remember where things are. As of right now, I have 33 side quests to do (not including Raina, which I haven't unlocked yet) and so many items to craft and collect. I particularly want the Steel Mace for its +15 attack points. I would have to give up my Ooze Sword. It only has +10 attack even if it does have +10 defense and +5 luck. I'm not sure how much luck factors into the game. I've seen a several posts in the forums about how luck doesn't matter after a certain number of points, but still. I hate to lower my luck. Even if I do want that bump in attack. I only have +25 attack right now and I'd like to have a bit more. Since my last post, I've unlocked Riza Rivertown. I'm on the first main quest now.

I'm actually a little burned out on writing right now. I've been trying to finish Wind Chimes and it's been driving me crazy. I keep deciding, un-deciding, re-deciding, just changing my mind all over the place. It's supposed to be a fun, silly piece about possessive Stiles, but I'm worried that Stiles is coming off as too possessive and Peter as not as into it. Bleh. I think I need to take a few days off and reread it with fresh eyes.
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It's been a while since I've posted an entry! I've been alright. Or at least heading in the general direction of alright. I've had issues with insomnia lately and it's not great. A consistent sleep schedule is the best thing for my depression and when I'm sleep-deprived, everything kinda sucks. But I've been pulling through it. I've gone to the gym a couple times and am hoping some regular exercise and better food will get my body to consider sleep. I watched The Umbrella Academy and had a whole outpouring of feels about all those idiots. Vanya is my favorite, of course, followed by Five and Klaus. I got back into writing my Harrival Bakery AU and even managed to finish it, which I'm super proud of. It'll go up on AO3 sometime this month under the title Fantastic Treats. I reblogged a made up title + ship ask meme and wrote a couple fun notfics for ships that I've never written before or haven't written in a while. I'm really into my Harry/Lucius idea even though I know I'll never actually write it. I still have to edit my two HP f/f fics and the bakery AU before posting them to AO3 - 35k in all - which dear god. No thank you.
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Ow my poor wrists. I wrote 5k today in order to try to finish getting all the Love Week wardrobe items and quests. Today and yesterday, I finished all the Love Week quests except for Lovely Materials #2, got all the wardrobe items, leveled up to lvl 16, finished the Battle Experience quest (defeat 100 monsters), finished the 3PC Written Accounts quest (write 50k), and am exhausted. I've filled my queue with Love Pesters in order to get the last 8 Love Essence that I need for the materials quest. Whether it'll work and I'll be able to finish the quest tomorrow, I'm not sure, but fuck it. I'm definitely not going to be able to finish today. It's a little disappointing, but it's been a busy week and at the end of the day I'm proud of the words that I've written. I'll survive not attaining perfection.
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It's been a little while since I posted. Everything's been about the same. I've been enjoying Love Week on 4TW. I have my Rose Crown and it's adorable af. I was right that it doesn't go with my Captain Shin Hair, so I changed it to black just above the shoulder hair. All I have left to do are the Love Hunter #2 and Lovely Materials #2 quests. I don't particularly care about the rewards so it's mostly for completion's sake. That and the Gratitude Journal, but that's a long quest. 44 consecutive days, about a month and a half. It's a pain. I'm also almost finished with the 3PC Written Accounts quest. Only 2k of 50k to go. I'm excited to finally finish it since it's been in my questbook for ages. The reward for so many words is comparatively tiny - only 2 golden chests.

I managed to get a friend of mine into 4TW last week! One more person for the cult, mwahaha. They seem to be enjoying the game and I'm pretty thrilled. I've recommended 4TW to basically everyone I know but it doesn't work for everyone. Some people are put off by gamifying writing, some aren't into the fact that you have to pay to play after the first free month. It's $4/mo, but it usually averages to even less than that since there are frequent crystal sales and buying in bulk means more time for your money. I used the 50% off NaNo coupon and bought a year's subscription for $20.

I'm still working on finding a gym. I tried two over the weekend and was not enthused about either prospect. The first one was large, multiple floors and lots of equipment, but it had a noticeable smell, construction everywhere, and there was water leaking from the unfinished wooden ceiling rails and into the pool. I was enthusiastically told that construction would end this summer and that membership fees are lower due to the construction. All I have to do is put up with the mess and I'm locked in at a lower rate! For some reason this does not appeal to me. The second gym was smaller, cleaner, and packed with people. The equipment was newer and there were more classes, but you have to sign up online for every session in order to reserve your place. They also didn't have month to month membership. I'm probably going to sign up at a gym that I visited last year. It's farther away than these two gyms, but at least it smells alright and has month to month.

I started watching The Umbrella Academy yesterday. It's one of Netflix's new superhero shows and it's not bad. Quirky with streaks of darkness and lots of dysfunctional family fun. Also, canon time travel.


Feb. 14th, 2019 08:28 pm
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Dear god it's been a long day. Work was my Valentine up until around 7pm (another long day tomorrow, joy), then I grabbed some pizza and lazed around. I completely forgot about chocolates. I have some Lindt orange chocolate in the fridge (this kind) and it's good stuff, but it's not really Valentine's chocolate. I want something coconut-y but I'm too lazy to go out and get some. There's always tomorrow, anyway. I've been eating terribly lately, ramen yesterday and pizza today, and really need to cut that out. I'm thinking of joining a nearby gym and getting back into shape. I hate that it'll mean I have less time for writing but it's necessary.

Today is the first day of Love Week 2019 on 4thewords! I'd been looking forward to the event all month and then forgot about for a few days before today, so it feels almost like a surprise now that it's finally here. I'm glad to hear it's being extended until the 21st since I'm not sure how much I'm going to write today. I'll battle at least a few of the new monsters--they're so cute! The Love Xin is especially adorable. And it looks like there's a streak incentive, so maybe I'll be able to get myself to keep up a streak. Out of all the rewards I'm looking forward to the flower crown the most. It won't match with my current hair but that's an issue for later.

Starting my battle against Love Xin now! :)

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I just noticed Azadi shows up in the companions screen! And adds +10 luck and +5 attack! I love her character design, it’s so cute. She looks like a Redwall character and I’m feeling extremely nostalgic about it.

picture of Azadi from 4thewords

I'm still working on my Hermione/Pansy fic. It's now 6.5k of rambly ridiculousness. I'm not sure what to do with the story; I keep thinking of scenes that I can, in theory, write, and then I start writing them, and then I take a look at the word count and think dear god what am I doing. I often say that I didn't expect a fic to get so long, but I really did think this story was going to be a nice, manageable length. Like 3k or something. Time travel, kill Voldemort, timeskip, kiss. It's shaping up to be that but crammed in between are family feels, trio friendship, and all this random crap. I could just. Not write it. That's an option. I could timeskip right now and end it, but then that would mean not finishing this completely unnecessary scene between Hermione and Harry and how could I ever do that? Honestly.
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I reached Gansu! 🎉

I feel terribly accomplished about the whole thing. It's where I was before I reset and now I'm back again. I defeated my last Assassin while working on my ShinIchi Week 2019 story, then battled some Xins to get the wood to finish the final quest of the region. I already had everything else (probably because I didn't do most of 3PC's side quests and had a lot of resources left over). I even parted with those 1,000 coins, if grudgingly. I'm enjoying the little story bits that you get after finishing a main quest; they're fun and add to the lore behind the gameplay. I picked up the defeating 100 monsters side quest and two global quests that have popped up again. There's side quests for collecting Sacred Feathers and White Fur, but I have no idea where to get those so I'll hold off for now. And I'm not fighting those Desert Rudakai until I'm really bored or finished with the rest of the regions. 10 Leaves and 1 Leaf Boot per battle, really? No thank you. Unnecessary. Do not want. I hate parting with my precious inventory stockpile xD

I ordered a new Fitbit strap since mine broke a few months ago. I've been lazy about my Fitbitting ever since the weather got too cold to do my daily walks, but I'd like to start getting more exercise again. I have an Alta HR and would've liked to get the purple band, but they were all out of them in small. So I got the black one again. Unofficial straps are a lot cheaper on Amazon, but the last time I ordered one from there it broke in under a month. My proper Fitbit one lasted a good year, so I'll just stick with that. I think I might blog about Fitbit alongside my usual 4TW blogging. This seems to be my place for geeking out about stats. I don't want to do it on my tumblr just because it's kinda niche and I don't want my rambling to be rebloggable. It's not that any of this is personal or anything, I just want it to stay in one place.
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I can finally copy and paste out of 4TW and keep my italics! And the font options toolbar can be hidden! Amazing, I am so down for this. Yesterday, I battled 20 Xins and completed the Fan the Flames quest (100 wood, 50 leaves) and I'm 3/5ths of the way done with the main defeating Assassins quest. I wonder if I still have to pay 1,000 coins or if it was changed in the new version of the game. I have more than enough, but it'll still hurt to part with all those coins.
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I hate paying for subscription services but really enjoy 4TW, so I'm very grumbly about having to renew my subscription again. On the bright side, I have the 50% off NaNo discount to console me. I bought the 544 crystal package, renewed my subscription through the rest of 2019, and had some left over so I decided to buy some wardrobe items for the first time. In the meantime I found out that I had been wearing that orange carnival leotard beneath all my other clothes because I forgot to take it off. The horror. It's my least favorite piece of clothing on the site and I've been wearing it all this time. I immediately took it off, tried out all the wardrobe goodies, and settled on buying some Water Pants, Captain Shin Hair (really cute), and Frizi Earrings (extremely cute). I'm pairing them with green Magic Shoes, the Pride Shirt, and maybe the yellow-green Carnival Wristguards.

I posted two short Harrival fics a few days ago: Horntails and Scorpions & Incriminating, both spins on a modern magical mafia AU. One has Harry in the mafia, the other has Percival. I originally posted these fics as part of a five headcanons ask meme and these versions are cleaned up and slightly longer. They're cute fics, I think, and I like how they came out. I still want to get the Harrival AO3 tag to two whole pages. It's only at 7 fics now so there's still a lot to go. I have three Harrival prompts in my ask box that I'll write at some point and I still have the bakery AU to finish. There isn't much left to it, especially since I decided to scrap a major scene, but I just haven't had the urge to come back to it. I've also had some issues with anxiety lately and unfortunately it's gotten to my writing. Not a fan.

Edit: Aaaand there's a monster battle bug again. I started an Assassin battle and the counter's working, but none of my words are being counted. Refreshing hasn't worked. I loaded the site in another browser and it's working as normal, so hopefully it'll properly count all my words.

4TW, etc

Jan. 30th, 2019 09:59 pm
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Ha, that Lombri is gone. The next two quests were pretty easy since I had the materials already anyway. I didn't realize I'd picked up such a stockpile of stuff, and that's even with selling off my inventory when I reset. I got hit by the a site glitch yesterday. I barely got a few words into my Assassin battle when the battle was over. Confused, I refreshed the page and started another battle, which I also immediately won. I waited a while and battled some Xin, which worked properly. According to the bug fixes thread, it's been fixed, but I only battled Xins today anyway. I feel a little bad for accidentally cheating the system, but whatever, I'm considering those two battles as freebies for the writing I sometimes forget to input into 4TW. My word count on 4TW is off anyway. I would give a lot for being able to copy and paste without the site logging the words as newly written. I write out of order a lot and barely look at my 4TW total since I know it's going to be off.

I'm working on a Hermione/Pansy time travel fic. It was a spontaneous thing - I remembered the Around the Clock table on femslash100100 and thought I'd fill another square. The last entry was mine from 2 years ago but hey as long as the community isn't deleted I can still post to it. I'm thinking of making a series on AO3 and having all the works be a spin on F/F time travel. It's my favorite trope anyway and I don't want a repeat of last year where I didn't post any femslash at all. I know whether I write slash or het or femslash doesn't actually mean anything about me as a person, but still. Time to better curate my writing.

My wrist has been bugging me again. It's the same thing I had last year, where the outer wrist hurts like a bitch when I'm at my computer a while. I think it's from me sleeping on the nerves in my arm and/or pulling something, but who knows. I just hope it doesn't take a month to go away like last time around.
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Ack, I lost two battles against Lombri and I'm scared of even pressing start on a new battle because I don't want to waste yet another wooden spear. Both of those times were because real life became too much of a distraction (and also because I was tired, that second time) but I wish real life could distract me away from other battles instead. I only need to win one Lombri battle to get to the next part of the 3PC main quest. I should be able to do that! AND YET. I haven't written much in the past couple days either, so my streak is dead. That one I'm not too worried about. I'm just not good at keeping up a streak. I got up to 90 once and got the metal (I think?) wings but I'm not great at consistently keeping my streak. I have 18 stempos but I don't use them out of laziness and the knowledge that I'll break my streak again in a week anyway.

I'm gonna go battle some Xin now. At least they like me.

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My side quests started feeling overwhelming (I had almost all ten slots full), so I decided to chuck them all except for the 3PC Written Accounts quest (50k) and Fan The Flames (100 wood, 50 leaves). I battle the Xin a lot and don't mind slowly getting to the end of that quest even though I'm focusing on the main quests for now. Oh, and of course the two daily quests. I have 17 wooden chests and 14 wooden keys. I've opened a couple chests, but I've been stockpiling them for now since I don't really need anything from them at the moment and I think they'll have cooler stuff in the later areas. I'm less than a thousand exp from reaching level 15, which is pretty cool.
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I am way too into 4thewords, but I can't even help myself anymore xD It took me a few weeks to get used to the new site layout after the developers did a total overhaul of the game, but now I love it even more. I reset my progress almost immediately and sold off my entire inventory beforehand. I don't regret it since I have 13k coins and after those NaNo quest rewards, my luck and attack stats are pretty good. I was only at Three Points Crossing (or Gansu? actually it was probably Gansu) last time around. After the reset, I got to 3PC again right before NaNo, which meant that I forgot about the area completely for a month. I didn't write for most of December (post-NaNo writing hangover and illness) but now I've been getting back into the game. The winter event was great. I love the blue hair reward the most. It's so cute. I've paired it with blue antennas that match the hair color exactly, blue eyes (I tried the frost eyes but they're a bit creepy), and my usual pride shirt, cargo top, and default pants. I've never used crystals to buy wardrobe items but honestly I might just do it one of these days, there are worse ways to spend a little money.

I'm focusing on the Earthquakes main quest in 3PC (the one where you have to defeat 4 types of monsters). I lingered a lot in Luciola Forest and Mama Tree doing side quests, but now I want to reach Riza before going back for the side quests.
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Whoops, I didn't intend to get so behind on this challenge.

Day 8: In your own space, post self-recs for at least three fanworks that you created.

I recced my top 10 fics that I posted last year in my 2018 roundup blog post, so I'll go with something a little different and write about my favorite fics that I wrote in fandoms I don't write for much. I spend a lot of my time in Harry Potter and Teen Wolf, so dipping my toe in other fandoms is like a mini vacation.
  1. Downward-Facing Lions, 1k, Voltron, Pidge & Shiro, modern AU, family. I wrote it during a writing session with a friend and it's 100% fluff. I don't write many modern/no powers AUs, so this was fun to do.
  2. At Hello, 458 words, Kingsman, Eggsy/Harry, getting together. My first Kingsman fic! I wrote a few more afterward, but this is still my favorite. It's very me, if that makes sense, fluff and humor and first kisses.
  3. Slumber, 476 words, MCU, Pepper & JARVIS, Pepper/Tony, friendship. I live for Pepper and JARVIS interaction and this is basically my happy place for them. Character death what character death?
  4. In the Rough, 3k, iZombie, Major/Vaughn, PWP, power dynamics. Frankly, the show shouldn't have included those scenes of these two at the gym if they didn't want me shipping them.
  5. Company, 2k, House of Cards, Rachel/Doug, canon divergence AU. Canon wouldn't give me a happy ending for these two so I wrote one myself.
Day 10: Create a fanwork.

I've been posting The Long Way Around (Teen Wolf, Steter, canon divergence AU) on tumblr. I wrote about 1k of it today so I'm hoping to update again either today or tomorrow.
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Day 6: In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.
  1. Consider joining me in rarepair hell checking out some great rarepair tags on AO3! I have a soft spot for Eurus/Molly (BBC Sherlock), Peter/Stiles/Malia (Teen Wolf), Percival/Harry (Fantastic Beasts/HP), Keith/Pidge/Shiro (Voltron), Ginko/Shinra (Mushishi), and of course the OTP of OTPs, Keith/Mothman (Voltron/American Folklore).
  2. Leave a comment on one of my fics (AO3) or someone else's! It's always great to see a nice comment pop up in my notifications.
  3. I'm always happy to see transformative works of my fics. Translations, fanart, podfics, spinoffs, etc, people are so creative ❤
Day 7: Stretch yourself a little and try something new. Go play in a new fandom or with a new pairing. Try working in a new medium. Or check out some fanworks that are new to you.

I read the first chapter of Bleach today. It's been ages since I've read any manga. I remember absolutely adoring anime/manga back in middle school and I'd like to get back into it. My favorite part of the chapter was Karin saying she didn't believe in ghosts even though she could see them, and Rukia was adorable. I probably won't continue reading this particular one because I'm not all that interested in action stuff anymore, but I'm going to look around on the site for other mangas that might appeal.
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[community profile] snowflake_challenge is back for another year! I haven't been keeping up with it as well as I have in other years. It's been a busy, busy start to 2019.

Day 1: In your own space, talk about your Happy Place—the things that give you joy, calms you or keeps you sane.

Finding that perfect position on the couch, petting my dog, rainy days when I'm cozy inside, rewatching favorite TV shows (usually It's Always Sunny, but currently it's Arrested Development), Harry Potter, making plans with friends, hiking in the woods.

Day 2: Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create.

Some of my favorite fics that I bookmarked in 2018:
  1. Nadir by canis_lupus, MCU, Tony/Loki. From which Loki will rise to take his revenge on Thanos- only he didn't quite realize that when you involve the Avengers in any sort of plan, there's bound to be unexpected detours along the way. Not to mention Tony Stark.
  2. Solstice and Equinox by prairiecrow, DS9, Bashir/Garak. While the balance of light and darkness changes, below as above, Bashir takes advantage of a Cardassian seasonal festival to make a proposal.
  3. Dastardly by Design by gryvon, Teen Wolf, Peter/Stiles. Peter thinks Stiles is in love with Derek. Peter is wrong.
  4. this is the view from the other side by Green, Teen Wolf, Peter/Stiles. Peter agrees to teach Stiles to defend himself and in return, gets the one thing he really needs - Pack. He's selfish but he's not greedy. He's determined not to push for more.
  5. Overcoming by purefoysgirl, Hannibal, Will/Hannibal. A Victorian A/B/O romance in which Hannibal Lecter is the future Duke of Westvale who has been away at war for the past ten years. His Grandfather has made good on a contract made shortly after Hannibal's birth to procure him a wife. It was supposed to be easy. Naturally, with the Omega, Will, given in the place of his twin sister, it is anything but, because if there is one thing Hannibal Lecter despises, it's Omegas.
  6. The Solubility of Stardust by RayShippouUchiha, MCU, fem!Tony/Peter Quill. “Never thought I’d come after another mouthy Terran,” Yondu grins, crooked teeth unabashedly bared and seemingly unconcerned, “but my boy … well he deserves the best. Figured I’d make up for threatenin’ to eat him all those years. Might stop him from being so pissy all the time.”
  7. The Dawn Will Break Before You by thepartyresponsible, MCU/DC, Tony/Jason. “Okay, heartbreaker,” he says, “how much to put the tires back on the car?”
  8. Sky Full of Glass by SofiaBane, HP, Harry/Voldemort. The Horcruxes have become unstuck in time, and it’s the responsibility of the Master of Death to figure out why. And since Voldemort needs to be punished for transgressing into the realm of Death anyway, he might as well come along.
Day 3: In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much.

Last year, I wrote about Teen Wolf S5E5, so this year I'll write about my other favorite Steter episode: S1E12. That garage scene has spawned so many gifsets and fanfics, and I don't think I'll ever get enough. It practically screams canon divergence AU and I've never been able to resist writing fics about characters making a different choice. I have something like 5 fics that diverge at that point and I still don't feel like I'm done with that scene.

Day 5: In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.
  1. Killer Lover, a multifandom Discord server that has a bunch of great people chatting about their favorite fandoms and ships
  2. It's Justified blog, high quality Justified images and meta
  3. Steter tag on Tumblr is always a great place to check out new Steter fics, art, text posts, and other Steter blogging

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