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Thank you so much for writing a fic for me! I can't wait to see what you've done with one of my favorite ships :D I've listed my general & specific likes below (grouped by characters mostly, because with all my requested pairings it would take too long to do a blurb on why I love each one), but feel free to go the ODAO route if nothing particularly inspires you.

I'm wynnebat on AO3.

General likes: canon divergence AUs, age differences, politics, space, future fics, pre-canon meetings, time travel fix-its, episode codas, codependency, everyone lives/nobody dies AUs, power dynamics, hurt/comfort, pining, enemies to friends to lovers, kidfic, competence kink, crack, angst with a happy ending, marriage of convenience, fake relationship, banter, meeting the family, cats, identity porn, mistaken identity, dimension travel, dubious morality, forced/arranged marriage, pregnancy, godparents, dysfunctional families, loyalty kink, leadership, interesting non-canonical background pairings, us against the world, becoming less evil via the power of love, creating a third side in a war, creepy flirting, stranded together, space Antarctica, space mall shenanigans, kidnapping the wrong person, love/hate,

General likes, smut edition: fluffy vanilla sex, laughter/humor during sex, cunnilingus, blow jobs, vaginal sex, anal sex, BDSM, kink, dom/sub, praise kink, breathplay, bondage, consent issues/dubcon/noncon, femdom, femsub, maledom, malesub, threesomes, m/m/f, kinky first times, under-negotiated kink, breeding kink, overstimulation, rough sex, strength kink, mommy/daddy kink, mommy/daddy issues, complicated hate sex, mind control, manipulative seduction, sex rituals, object insertion, praise kink, sugar daddy/mommy, humiliation, sensation play, knotting

  • modern AU (exception for Keith/Mothman)
  • prostitution/rentboy AUs, master/slave (the non-BDSM type), BDSM AUs (the kind where everyone has a D/s dynamic), omegaverse AUs
  • needles (vague mention of IVs/similar is fine)
  • terminal illness, death from old age, or permanent injury

Pairing-specific prompts:

All ships are from Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Paladin Ships

Pidge/Shiro was one of my first Voltron ships (but definitely not the last!). Pidge is so strong and brave, but she opened up to and relied on Shiro in season 1, and I love the thought of them connecting further. I love the way Shiro tries hard to be both a leader and a friend, even after all that he's been through (poor dude must be so sick of being kidnapped). His bond with Keith is just so heartwarming and with Pidge in the mix I just love it more. With Allura, I love the way both respect her as a leader, but also challenge her when they think she's wrong. Allura, Shiro, and Keith all have some kind of a leadership role in season 3 and I'd love to see how they can make things work in a relationship as well as on the field.

Alternate Reality Paladin Ships
Empress Allura/Alternate Reality Shiro
Empress Allura/Alternate Reality Shiro/Alternate Reality Pidge

Also, I thought alternate reality Shiro was hilarious, and I'd love to see how great/terrible he'd be with empress Allura. Whether Allura's done a Zarkon and is 10,000 years old or needed to go into a cryopod for some reason like our Allura, it's interesting to think about how the timelines and characters diverged so much. Pidge wasn't in the episode, but I'm sure the other version of her is getting into as much trouble as our version, and I'd love to see her interact with AR!Shiro and the empress.

Blade of Marmora Ships

Thace and Ulaz, the most tragic duo of season 2 <3 I love the bravery and commitment that it must've took to work against the Galra as double agents for years and years. I can definitely see them being close friends/romantic partners of years, juggling their relationship in the face of the empire and rebellion politics. With Shiro in the mix, I love the thought of them wondering if they can trust Shiro with their actual loyalties while pretending to be loyal Galra (if pre-season 1) or working with him afterwards as their true selves. With Pidge, maybe an AU where she was kidnapped also/instead, or an AU where they live and get to know the Voltron gang. I can see them getting closer with Pidge's determination to know everything about the Galra to find her family and Thace/Ulaz's determination to help bring the empire down. With Lotor, I love the thought of Thace having to be extra careful with his actions, but also finding himself with a lot of respect for the prince despite himself.

I'd prefer something set either before Thace & Ulaz died or a character death fix-it, please!
Lotor Ships

I knew I'd love Lotor the second I saw his ridiculous hair, and I was totally right. He's a lot less evil than I was expecting, and more detached than his father when it comes to Voltron, although he's still determined to bring the gang down. The thought of that detachment eroding in the face of continued interaction with the gang is really intriguing, as is the idea of him wanting to bring one/more of the gang on his side, or the paladins trying to bring him over to theirs. With Keith, I can totally see Lotor wanting another half Galra general in his crew, and Shiro's been experimented on by his mother, which I can see him being curious about. He and Allura have Altean heritage in common as well as headstrong personalities, while with Pidge, I love the idea of him trying to seduce her with the possibility of getting more information on her family.

Lotor's Generals Ships

Lotor's girl squad seems as fabulous as the man himself, even if we don't have much knowledge of their backgrounds yet. And I'd love to see them interacting with Pidge, because I just ship Pidge all over the place <3 There are some theories on Acxa being part human, so I can see her wanting to find out more about human life despite her place with the Galra and her loyalty to Lotor. With Ezor, I love her bubbly personality but also inner evilness/loyalty to the Galra. It's such a fun juxtaposition. With Narti, I love her mysteriousness. And the space cat, I love the space cat. Whether Pidge and the generals are using each other for information or trying to bring the other to their side or just a chance meeting, I'd love to see some romance/sexual tension between them.
Miscellaneous Ships

My favorite Voltron crackship! If you're not familiar with this beautiful thing, check out Meithman on tumblr and the Keith/Mothman ship on AO3. I find the whole idea hilarious, but strangely fitting. Keith, out there in his shack of loneliness with his conspiracy wall, could surely be nudged toward another great conspiracy. Or, Mothman in space!

For Pidge ships, only girl!Pidge with she/her pronouns, please. Underage is fine, but I'd prefer all characters to be 15+.

For everything but Keith/Mothman, I'd greatly prefer a ship set in the Voltron universe, though it doesn't have to be canon compliant. I love canon divergence AUs, different first meetings, what ifs, characters switching sides, different takes on canon events, etc.
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Thank you for writing a fic for me! You obviously have A+ taste in ships. I've listed my general and specific likes below, but feel free to go the ODAO route if nothing particularly inspires you. Anything that includes these ships will be fabulous. <3

I'm wynnebat on AO3.

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Thank you for writing a fic for me! I can't wait to be able to read it. I've listed my general and specific likes below, but feel free to go the ODAO route if nothing particularly inspires you. Anything that includes the characters will be fabulous. <3

I'm wynnebat everywhere (AO3, tumblr) and have anon asks enabled on tumblr.

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First off, thank you for writing for me! And for having the great taste of being into our shared canon ;) Feel free to create a story based off my likes/specific prompts or go the ODAO route if nothing here particularly inspires you!

General likes: canon divergence AUs, soulmate AUs, magical/fantasy AUs, future fics about what they're up to 10+ years in the future, pre-canon meetings, time travel fix-its, episode codas, smut, kink, dom/sub, praise kink, codependency, bondage, everyone lives/nobody dies AUs, consent issues/dubcon/noncon, power dynamics, genderswap, hurt/comfort, pining, enemies to friends to lovers, epistolary fics, kidfic, femdom, femsub, competence kink, crack, angst with a happy ending, casefic, crossovers, marriage of convenience, banter

General dislikes: first/second person POV, teacher/student, AUs where everyone has a dom/sub dynamic, omegaverse (unless it's strictly smut), institutionalized oppression as a major plot point, mpreg in completely mundane non-fantasy/supernatural canons, feeding/weight kink, gore, animal death

More of my interests can be found over on my tumblr and my AO3. I'm wynnebat everywhere.

As for specific requests:

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